Haya Gil-Lubin - Photogramist
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Haya Modern Art Gallery
Palm Springs, CA

While studying color photography, at the University of Nevada, Las-Vegas. I became fascinated with the unique results I could achieve when producing photogram using every day organic objects. My primary subject includes fruits, vegetables, flowers, and leaves.

What is a photogram?

While traditional photography requires a camera, and storage medium (film, memory card) the process to create photograms differs significantly, and is far more complex. After going through a light source, and color filters, the object is projected directly upon photographic paper. There is no storage medium that can be manipulated.

The history of photography is punctuated by practitioners who have developed a technique or style that has become a part of the art history. Recently photogramist has vitalized the photograms as a means of artist expression to produce variety of design and surreal imagery.

However, I am the only photogramist who creates such a unique and interesting variety of photograms. Light, simplicity, design, colors and translucent material are the keys to my technique. Given the complexity of the process, my images require imagination, patience and passion, for a process created in the privacy of my darkroom.

Haya Gil-Lubin
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